Shelton View Elementary PTA

Goals & Mission Statement

2023-2024 School Year


 2023-2024 Goals:

  1. Increase Shelton View PTA general membership numbers by utilizing multiple avenues of communication about what membership is and means.
  2. Increase awareness of PTA volunteer needs.  Encourage parent/caregiver involvement in PTA events and committees while working to recruit and empower a new and expanding volunteer base.
  3. Help to prepare and inform Shelton View families about transitions that will be occurring within our school district at the onset of the 2023-2024 school year.
  4. An overall improvement of communication making information easy to find in multiple locations.  For example: posting relevant and up-to-date information on Facebook and the PTA website, utilizing online services to streamline volunteering for events, possibly changing flyer procedures to include a weekly information flyer which includes all upcoming events.

Mission Statement:

  1. To enhance community awareness about Shelton View Elementary PTA goals, objectives, and activities.
  2. To encourage a close working relationship between Shelton View parents and staff.
  3. To promote healthy lifestyles for children and to distribute children’s health information.
  4. To promote the welfare of children facing economic hardship in our community.
  5. To provide Shelton View children an opportunity for meaningful social interaction outside of the classroom.
  6. To provide resources that help build strong families.
  7. To promote cultural awareness.
  8. To cooperate with school and school district and community in emergency safety preparedness planning.
  9. To promote awareness of legislative issues affecting children.
  10. To promote awareness of current education reform issues.


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